Day 3  - Screening with the Mission.

Day 3 - Screening with the Mission.

November 20:
We were getting pretty beat. Leonard doesn’t fool around, and trying to keep up with him on two serious missions took its toll on us. So an easy going session on the Cape streams was just what the doctor ordered.

Nick and Matt from Flybru and their buddy Ryan took us fishing on the crystal clear Mollenaus river. Gorgeous nature, some sweet river coffee and pretty rainbow trout. Great hang with cool guys that really know how to fly fish.

In the evening, we did our first screening. Good tournout, lots of warm and friendly people. We met Tudor, the editor of the Mission magazine, and Brendan aka Bod, a skateboarder/flyfisher/artist who does artwork and stuff for the Mission. They’re the best guys ever.

The Mission's - A Cultural Exchange



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