Guide to Kokkaffe

The kettle, the fire and the arabica bean.

Kokkaffe is one of the most beautiful artforms in the world. You can create an arctic winter night in the middle of the midnight sun with just fire, coarsely ground coffee and some water (and perhaps a pinch of salt).

Step 1.
Leave civilization. Wander out onto the mountain, into the forest our close the door behind you as you step inside your cabin. Find your calm, not that happy-go-lucky surface that you usually show people, but the actual calm.

Step 2.
Make a fire. Gather some branches. You have to seek within yourself to know what species of wood is right for you on this day.

Step 3.
Fill your kettle with water, preferably from a nearby mountain creek.

Step 4.
Heat the water. Some wise women might say that you should stop right before reaching the boiling point. Others might tell you to reach it before continuing on to the next step.

Step 5.
Remove your kettle from the fire and add your coffee. Pour in so much coffee that a tiny rodent could run across the surface without getting its paws wet. That’s around one Lemmel-kuksa to one kettle. It’s easy to see the world as black and white but in reality, it’s mostly grey. Some might add the coffee before boiling the water and some prefer to just let it steep afterwards.

Step 6.
Wait. Now is the time to choose which ritual fits your needs and cravings. Perhaps you’ll wait in silence. Perhaps you’ll knock the kettle three times on a rock. Let the coffee grounds sink to the bottom of the kettle and then you’re ready for step 7.

Step 7.
Fill your soul.

There are many ways leading you into the future but in the film below we tried to simplify our worship to the holy arabica bean.


The Kuksa
The celebratory cup of the Arctic Circle might be your most valuable belonging, but without kokkaffe it has no actual value.
The Kettle
Be careful acquiring a new pot if you already have one. It is desirable to maintain a long and faithful relationship between you and your kettle.
The Bean
Without the bean there’s no depth to your darkness, you just fall forever without purpose and meaning and no one can help you.

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