Day 1 - Cape Streams

Day 1 - Cape Streams

18 November:
I’ve never been wild about flying in general, and I really hate intercontinental flights. I guess most people do. When a flight lasts longer than 8 hours or so, I start to feel like I’m stuck in some kind of nightmare.

But I’ll still endure those long hauls when something out of the ordinary comes along. So Markus, Rolf and I travelled to South Africa and Lesotho to do three screenings of Rolf’s latest piece “A Not Too Steady Flow Of Mayflies”. And go fishing and filming, of course.

At the airport, we met with Mathew from The Mission magazine. Just a super cool guy who really went out of his way to help us out with everything.

håvard and lenard

Today, we met a real heavyweight: micro biologist Leonard Flemming, who took us fishing on a beautiful Cape stream. We caught some sweet smallmouth bass, a first for all of us.

Some minor bumps, with Rolf’s camera freezing, so he cannot make a film at the moment. I’m coming down with a cold that I brought with me from the freezing north. But it’s all good.


Text: Håvard Stubø
Photos: Matt Kennedy from The Mission (and some by Rolf Nylinder)

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