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Kokkaffe Landscapes

Kokkaffe Landscapes

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Fine art landscape photographer Serkan Günes and gnarly art kokkaffe-collective Lemmel proudly presents the coffee table book, Kokkaffe Landscapes.

As we sat around the fire, we heard something approaching us through the snow. A silhouette formed in the distance. The mystical being got closer and we could confirm it was human. It was both a relief and a slight disappointment.

He sat down on a reindeer hide and gave us a silent nod. No one said anything, but we all felt it. This was the beginning of the symbiotic relationship between the renowned landscape photographer Serkan Günes and the kokkaffe collective Lemmelkaffe.

United within the traditions, around the fire, in the Kokkaffe Landscape.

96 pages, hard cover. 

ISBN no: 978-91-527-5484-9 

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