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Fly fishing rod Marbaten #5 9' 4-pcs

Fly fishing rod Marbaten #5 9' 4-pcs

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We have spent a lot of time thinking about what characteristics we want in a rod, what enhances the experience of catching a trout and what is unnecessary gimmicks. After many hours of silence by the fire, we have now produced the perfect dry fly rod. The rod is, in all its simplicity, a light rod with very good feel, balance and casting characteristics. The rod has a medium action and together with the relatively soft top section, it is perfect for dry fly fishing, without losing capacity if the need to fish with nymphs or streamers arise.

Marbaten works great for overhand casts, as well as underhand- and roll casts, and is useful in all situations, whether you want to fish the smallest streams with a shorter WF line or a large river or lake with a long belly line.

The rod is built on a mixture of longitudinal 40-ton and IM8 graphite fiber, along with Silica Nano Matrix resin/glue. This makes the rod both strong and light. Each section's male part is simple but strong, the seemingly rough ground male sections are ground to exact tolerances making the fit perfect in every part.

The result is a strong and light premium rod that performs in all conditions.

Comes with a durable and elegant aluminium tube.

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